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Professional Russian Satfinder Dr.HD 1000+

310.50 USD

Professional Signal Finder

The best satfinder in the world No. 1

Dr.HD 1000 s plus

Dr. HD 1000S Plus (Made in Russia)

Price 1150 riyals

The difference between them is that the combo supports measuring the frequencies of the terrestrial channels and S Plus does not support

Features and characteristics:

The tuner from the Japanese company Panasonic is powerful and very sensitive to pick up the weak signal

Compact and easy to use satellite counter for efficient installations: easy, fast and fun

DVB-S / S2 support + DVB-T / T2 support

» Real-time fast spectrum ≥ 9FPS (ms110ms)

» Watch TV channels

» Quick SAT ID function, so you know instantly from which signal is coming from the SAT

» Rich display of: BER, MER, PER, SNR, link margin, C/N, RF level, constellation, etc.

» Cross-polarization function (X-pol) for installing professional LNBs and other critical X-pol issues

» POP: Proof of Performance Records

» Voltage + current display of LNB and ground antenna

» Sound (beep) and visual alarm when signal is locked

» Keyboard glows in the dark, RCU included

• KEEP HANDS-FREE: Can be attached to your wrist / hand, belt or neck strap

» Special bag for fixtures in direct sunlight + extra protection

» CCTV function (displays RCA audio + video from the camera, saves 12V power)

» USB host port for SW update and data logs recording, proof-of-performance records right to the USB drive

» Compact aluminum body is lightweight, robust and drop resistant

» Auto search, fast blind search, NIT search

» RSSI display in dBm or dBuV and C/N in dB and %

» Satellite position / network name / transponder information display (by NIT)

» 45 ... 2350 MHz Input frequency

» DISEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS / Unicable / Unicable II Support (EN50494 / EN50607)

»USALS power can reach the motor to move the dish

» Field editing is also possible (no PC required)

» No need to update the database for SAT ID and for fieldwork

» Li-ion battery: 3400mAh

»Red/Green LED strips for extra comfort in bright sunlight

» Easy to update sat + terr TP data with Satellite.xml and Terrestrial.xml file types

» Possible to charge power from any DC power 10 ... 15V, even from a satellite receiver

»Can work without battery

» HD digital video made

»RS232 for service functions

» Includes: bag, AC charger, car charger, remote control, A/V cables, 12V CCTV cable, RS232 cable

Satellite world

310.50 USD
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