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Junsa Shower Dish 240cm Made in Taiwan 6 Pieces

310.50 USD

For more details and specifications, visit the company's website:

🔴 Terms and Conditions: Very important 🔴

The dishes are carefully packaged by us, but the shipping companies do not guarantee that the product will be delivered in a sound condition, and the purchase is at your own risk, and the satellite world store is not responsible for the loss or damage of any piece by the shipping companies, and no compensation for this is made by the shipping company or by us (Satellite World Store)

It should be noted and thank you.

🔴 For information, all shipments in previous periods all arrived intact without any problem.

🔴 Important note:

When ordering two or more dishes, each shower dish is ordered separately in a separate order.

So the shipping price for each dish is separate and thank you for your understanding.

🔴 Does not come with the plate holder ( BRACKET)

310.50 USD
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