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LNB inverto pro

8.10 USD 9.45 USD

Product introduction:

Designed specifically to meet the global DTH market demand for a competitive and protected 4G/LTE solution, LNB offers enhanced reception capabilities using the latest chipset technology and waveguide design for satellite signal reception. It enables to receive satellite channels from one satellite and distribute them to one tuner and decoder. The LNB supports HD and UHD transmissions, provides excellent RF performance, has very low power consumption and is importantly designed to mitigate interference from 4G/LTE transmissions. Manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry and built to meet stringent specifications, the LNB is an ideal solution for DTH operators and satellite receivers worldwide.


Low stage noise, DVB-S2 compatible (HD and UHD)

Low noise shape

Low energy consumption

High Polarization Isolation

high frequency stability


8.10 USD 9.45 USD
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