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Senator S3030 Receiver

81 USD

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Senator S3030 receiver specifications

A mini receiver that can be hidden behind the TV screen.

Built in the internal Wi-Fi receiver to connect the internet and run the device and YouTube servers.

Processor GXS5H.

The internal device memory is 8 MB.


The device is small in size.

2 remote control, one of them works via bluetooth remotely.

Internal wifi You will not need an external wifi piece.

The tuner is very strong and sensitive.

usb input.

digital lens.

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Schering 15 months on the giant forever se well known.

iptv alfa server Duration 12 months

iptv apollo server one month

Frequently retrieved codes from the Internet.

Supports all ciphers.

Library of foreign and Arabic films, serials and children updated.

Simultaneous translation of channels that show movies without subtitles.

Supports Dolby sound from two sources, Forever and Alpha.

Executing YouTube search in Arabic.

Supports the addition of cccam and iptv paid.

Supports server renewal after completion.

Strong and well known support team.

Supports favorite lists.

AV input for TV viewing.

RS232 input for updating from the computer.

Supports online update software and channel files.

This device carries a very modern and advanced GX 6605H COMPO FILTER 3D processor.

Senator Forever receiver also works on 1 GB of internal RAM.

Supports L HD 1080P Ultra High Definition.

In addition to a highly sensitive toner for receiving super frequencies and feds, such as Q-Max Salk devices.

It also has a capacity of 8000 channels between radio and TV channels.

It also supports the playback of all video formats, music files and images through the external flash.

The receiver also has 1 USB port in the external receiver interface of the device.

Also update the driver through the device while online automatically as soon as it is released from technical support

Senator also supports receiving Dolby stereo audio on various satellite channels.

Also a receiver that supports recording programs, movies and series on the flash drive.

It also supports the playback of all video formats, music files and images through flash directly.

Built-in 1 USB port in the receiver's external interface.

This receiver is ready to work on LED and LCD screens directly through the HDMI connection with the receiver.

It also supports playback on old TVs through the available 3-in-1 interface.

The receiver has a ready-made list of channels.

Also available are 8 favorite groups to make favourites.

Channels can also be renamed in Arabic and English from the list of the receiver.

Features of the new Senator receiver

Supports blind search for all different satellites.

Parental control, channel and menu lock service is also available.

It also support DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 to operate 4 or 8 satellites at the same time.

The receiver has a timer to open, run and record programs.

The new 1507L processor carries the same features and specifications as the new Senator Alpha system.

Available with a bluetooth remote receiver.

Ongoing support for all Alpha devices without exception.

Control from the device via a portable alternative remote control through new applications.

An English translation is also available.

It works on Server Forever.

Flash 8 mega to store software and channels.

GX 6605H COMPO FILTER 3D processor.

New Senator 3030 servers.

The most important additions and servers on the server:

The latest version of Forever 135 SE is available for a period of 15 months and is renewable.

Also, the giant Alpha IPTV server for a period of 15 months, subject to renewal.

In addition to the MI TV server for 12 months.

As well as the Apollo IPTV server for a period of one month, subject to renewal.

With a professional audio service, Radio Bein Sport has special sources for the receiver.

As well as several sources of audio sources Josat sources and Alpha sources.

As well as timeshift internal video delay up to 27 seconds.

Finally, the possibility of automatic adjustment of audio Auto Delay.

These were the most important features and servers of the new Senator receiver, and here is the price of the receiver and the contents of the device carton.

Finally, we will know the contents of the receiver carton:

  • Receiver Mini Senator S3030
  • Adapter to connect electricity.
  • With a digital screen.
  • 2 small stones.
  • hdmi connection.
  • Instruction manual.

81 USD

مصطفى عمر

3 weeks ago

رسيفر سيناتور


Satellite world

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Turki Salm

1 month ago

هل يدعم تشغيل قنوات 4K


Satellite world

1 month ago

فقط Full Hd


فهد الفحيمان

1 month ago

سراحة ممتاز وسعرة معقول


S t

1 month ago

هل السعر شامل التوصيل ؟


Satellite world

1 month ago

لا يشمل الشحن
بيظهر لك سعر الشحن 30ريال عند اكمال اجراءات الطلب

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