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Geant ott 750 Evo 4k android receiver forky

202.50 USD

geant ott 750 evo 4k

🎈Device Specifications:

- The company Geant.

Model GN-OTT 750 4K ANDROID.

The device's processor is very powerful, Chipset Hi3798MV200.

- Server Sharing Forever Pro for a period of 24 months.

- Apollo iptv for 24 months.

Dongle Forever 24 months.

- The feature of changing the Arabic commentator on foreign channels.

- The possibility of breaking encrypted channels even if they are 4K at super speed.

- Operating encrypted channels on the Nilesat satellite.

- Android 9 . operating system

Supports running all Android programs

2GB RAM DDR4 and most of our current devices are DDR3.

- 16GB internal memory.

- True support for 4K 60fps 2160 x 3840 image dimensions and resolution.

- Playback of two overlapping images, even in 4K quality.

Imprex image processor.

A powerful tuner with the ability to amplify weak signals.

Wi-Fi is built into the device.

Built-in bluetooth.

Micro SD input.

- Capacity to store 20,000 TV and radio channels.

- LAN entrance to connect the device with the internet modem.

- Support to fetch codes automatically.

- DVB and TXT subtitles.

- Supports multi stream.

Front digital screen.

- Supports EPG pro technology.

Optical entrance.

USB 3.0 port.

Two USB 2.0 ports.

Ethernet port.

- The outer cover of the device is black plastic

🎈Device attachments:

- 1 remote control.

12V adapter (original).

- HDMI cable.

- user's Guide.

💥 The price of the device = 750 Saudi riyals 200 dollars

202.50 USD
Two comments

يحيى الانصاري

1 day ago

ممكن عرف كم اشتراك
سنه ‏فورايفر


Satellite world

1 day ago

موضح كل شي ياغالي اقرأ الاعلان وفالصورة موضحه الاشتراكات.


يحيى الانصاري

1 day ago

شحن عليكم أو عليه الي المدينة المنورة


Satellite world

1 day ago

على المشتري الشحن يظهر لك عند اكمال الطلب

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