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Silver Aluminum Feed 10 Rings Feed Horn

45.90 USD

Silver aluminum fed 10 rings with aluminum forged and forged lock

Information about the feature, its features and characteristics:

1- Al-Fed is suitable for all sizes of circular dishes from size 160 round to the largest size above 3 meters

2- The fed helps the receiver to receive and attract all the super frequencies, i.e. the weak ones, outside the coverage

3- The feed receives frequencies without it, the lens does not receive

4- The fed helps the lens to read every part of the plate through the pickup rings

5-Al-Fed works to block the noise of mobile networks and microwaves

6- The fed helps the lens to capture what the lens cannot receive without it, provided that the focal length appropriate to the size and depth of the dish and the center point of the vid. The dish is well-adjusted and does not have warping, and most importantly, the entire orbit must be well adjusted if the dish is moving, but if it is fixed, the moon to be adjusted must be well adjusted and receive the highest signal on it

The silver fed is made of aluminum

45.90 USD
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