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MediaStar Z2

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MS-Diamond Z2 Mediastar Diamond Z2

Android receiver with the highest specifications at the highest level of specifications, especially Z2 with a real 4K UHD system, supports the operation of 4K shower channels, the media operating system as well, and the Android system, the latest version 7.1 Nova

🔹 MS-Diamond Z2 🔹

1- Powerful HiSilicon processor

2- Support for full format 4K UHD 4K 60fps 2160×3840

3- Double tuner (two shower entrances)

4- High specifications that support HDR - HLG - WCG playback via hardware or software of the device

5- Support for the new video format HEVC H. 265 having 10-bit colors instead of all previous 8-bit devices

6- The ability to play two overlapping images even in 4K quality

7- Against commenting, applauding, overlapping channel images or interference

8- 2 GB DDR4 RAM

9 - 8 GB internal memory

10- A modern Android system, version No. 7.1 (ANDOIRD 7.1)

11- The feature of strengthening the shower signal and operating the weakest frequencies without interruption

12- Supports 3D 3D channels and media, with 4K quality and the highest image compression

H. 265 13- Strong support for all types of dimensions and all frequencies 576i 50Hz , 576P 50Hz , 720P 50 Hz, 1080P 24Hz , 1080P 25Hz , 1080i 50Hz , 1080P 50Hz , 2160 30 Hz , 2160 60 Hz

14- 2 remotes, the first is the official remote and is of high quality, and the second is a wonderful remote that contains buttons on two sides and a keyboard for all letters and supports the Fly Mouse feature and the air mouse

15- Contains 2 remote control

16- The legendary server of the Forever Pro for a period of 15 months

17- The possibility of breaking encrypted channels even if they are 4K at a very fast speed

18- Built-in internal Wi-Fi

19- The wonderful Home share feature to connect all home devices to it and share media from your mobile or computer

20- An exclusive feature for receivers that supports high-speed USB 3.0 and the ability to run any type of external hard disk and flash drive

21- Bluetooth is also internal, other than Wi-Fi

22- The ability to connect and operate the play station and Xbox through it

23- Supports the operation of the giant KODI Kodi media player with a very high performance

24- The ability to connect an external microphone and home theater speakers

25- Attractive menus with high quality, a wonderful and solid design of the device, a beautiful device screen introduction, and high-quality manufacturing material of the device

26- Support cband/kuband for shower

27- Supports all types of DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 usals

28 - Supports all types of automatic and manual codes and keys and the ability to modify them Biss, Tabderberg, powerVU...

29- Blind Search feature for satellites

30- Network search feature in the same package

31- Motherboard High Specifications

32 - LAN cable entrance for wired connection

33- Micro SD card slot

34- HDMI 2.0 . cable output

35- AV cable output for old monitors

36- Possibility to modify the PID of the channels

37- The ability to search for all frequencies for all satellites in one operation

38- The ability to search for several frequencies in one operation

39- The ability to store 20 thousand channels

40- Supports the Arabic language in full

41- The ability to show subtitles in several languages, depending on the type of channel

42- Contains 32 categories of favorites and new categories can be added and named up to 100

43- The possibility of arranging and transferring channels easily

44- The possibility of updating via flash or entering the Android system to update

45- For the first time for Android devices, the possibility of updating the software through the device itself from the updates server through the device and for the first time for Android devices

46- For the first time, the ability to enter the device menus through the external device screen without turning on the TV

47- Supporting the Teletext feature for the supporting channels

48- The ability to connect to networks and the Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet cable, LAN or 3G

49- Support IPTV, G-VOD, G-IPTV, GT-mytube, m3u and m3u8 files and links 50- G-MScreen, DLNA DMR, DLNA DMP, WiFi Direct, networking mobile and computer contents of movies and media and displaying them on the device

51- Supports 3G chipsets

52- The ability to record in very high quality and play a picture within a picture

53- FTP server to download updates

54- Automatic setting of the clock and the ability to set an alarm to record at a specific time and turn off the device at a specified time

55- A private password for the device

56- Automatically turn off the device when not seen to save energy

57- Possibility to pause the image or pause during recording

58- Supports Sat2IPTV

59- Supports SSSP, Twin Protocol, and all types of communication protocols

60- The ability to control the device through Android and Apple phones

61- Supports X-TIMESHIFT

62- Supports active x protocol

63- Forever IP-TV server for a year

64- A fast and problem-free software with many features and options

This is what is called the most modern receiver and technology ever for the world of satellite receivers and encryption

180.90 USD
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Abdulrhman Abdulla

1 month ago

ابي الجهاز هذا Z2 متى يتوفر تقريبا ؟


Satellite world

1 month ago

اليوم الظهر او العصر

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