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OCTAGON SF8008 4K Twin Linux Receiver

197.10 USD

OCTAGON SF8008 4K Twin Linux Receiver

Octagon 2 tweener receiver 4k🇩🇪

OCTAGON SF8008 4K Twin Linux

Device price: 730 riyals

🔴 without programming 🔴

It comes without subscriptions

*🔥 Enjima 2*

Octagon SF8008 Features

German Okatgon Company 🇩🇪

It offers a fourth receiver with 4K UHD technology.

Octagon SF 8008 . is equipped

With dual DVB-S2X tuner. Tuners equipped with the new DVB-S2X standard In addition, the Octagon SF 8008 offers a USB 3.0 port, Gigabit LAN interface and H.265 video decoding that unlocks new possibilities for enjoying the full spectrum of 4k experience.

Octagon SF 8008 Twin Experience a new sense of 4k The Octagon SF 8008 4K UHD Receiver has two built-in DVB-S2X Sat tuners and mainly features huge performance (15000 DMIPS) and extremely fast switching times.

Octagon SF 8008 Twin 4K UHD

H.265 supports multiple images, can download plug-ins, HDR standard, HLG function, decoding

The 1000Mbps LAN ensures a fast connection for HD content. Two WLAN antennas are also available, permanently installed WIFI module.

Octagon SF 8008 provides 4K

USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port, MicroSD slot and card reader with enough options to play content from external storage media thus improving your entertainment experience.

The Octagon SF 8008 Twin also has an HDMI 2.0 port, an AV (audio and video) output, and an S/PDIF output for digital audio signals.

Main features:

Hisilicon Hi3798MV200 Huawei

Quad-core 64-bit (4x 1.6GHz) 1500 DMIPS


LAN Ethernet (1000Mbps) Built-in WiFi, 300Mbps,

2x WiFi antennas

Presentation of 7 photos and 4 photos

card reader

DVB-S2X Two (dual) tuners that support multistream

This allows the installation of eight 0 HDMI 2 satellites and USB 3.0

Micro SD Slot Support HDMI CEC

Device Features:

Enigma2 Linux OS

DVB-S2X 4K UHD and Multistream

(T2-MI Direct Input)

HD & UHD PIP (Picture in Picture)

HDR 10-bit and HLG

Multi-coding and multiroom

Sat > USB stick for IP client and V tuner.


Cody HbbTV

HW multiboot stalker

Support to read ffmpeq HW

Multimedia playback 2160P H.264 and H.265

OTA Updates Optional PVR Recordings

On/Off Button - LED Display (Red/Blue)

Infrared sensor (infrared receiver

device from the back

2 LNB Tuner H.265 4K UHD DVB-S2X

Dolby S-PDIF

AV - Audio and video jack - RCA jack

RS-232 socket (Maintenance and Service)

2x WiFi antennas

HDMI 2.0a

USB 2.0 . port

device from the front

MicroSD slot

standby (reset) button

DC-12V power supply on/off switch

The device from (on the right):

USB 3.0



OCTAGON SF8008 . Receiver

remote control

2 batteries

User Manual (German and English)

HDMI cable

food (energy)

Tuner and demodulator:

- 2x DVB-S2X: Silabs Si2166-D60 and RDA5815m


Dimensions (WxDxH) 220mm x 125mm x 40mm

Barcode EAN 4260189995146

Power supply (power supply) DC12V-3A

extra cable
197.10 USD
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Two comments


1 month ago

هل يوجد فرق بين الي مكتوب عليه combo والتاني الي مكتوب عليه twintuner


Satellite world

1 month ago

الموجود فقط twin tuner مدخلين دش
اما كومبو combo غير متوفر ولايستخدم حاليا عندنا هذا المدخل اصلا



1 month ago

هل يقبل الأندرويد و iptv


Satellite world

1 month ago

لايقبل اندرويد.يقبل i-p-t-v نعم وشيرنج

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